Create-a-name, win a grill wok!

When I was little, my mom occasionally made this bread-and-egg breakfast for a special I-love-you treat. The butter and eggs were rich and filling, and the bread was crisp and toasty. Simple and comforting. It was also the first cooked dish I ever made.

    Problem is, now that I want to make it for my own precious Sweet Cheeks, I don’t know what to call it. I’ve heard plenty of names: Funny Eggs, Egg-in-a-Frame, Popeye Eggs. I bet your family had one.

And that’s what this contest is about: submit your best name for this dish and win a grill wok from my supply (scroll down to see a few of them in the sink).

    Be creative! Good luck, and tell a friend!


Blog Break

Catastrophic computer problems are like people’s aches and pains, or their frequent flier mile balances — no one wants to hear about it. So I’ll just tell you Tupperware Avalanche is taking a break until the cavalry rides over the hill with the redeeming software.