In which a computer is compared to a fish, and our Name the Egg Dish winners announced

Our computer has been gutted and hosed out like a fish, flushed out like a spa client, and gotten a new brain like Frankenstein.  It’s never felt or behaved better, so thank you for your patience while the ole Mac had an E-enema.

Tupperware Avalanche’s “Name the Dish” game has a three-way tie! Cyclops on Toast by 1050 lb come one down! You’ve won a grill wok! One-Eyed Egyptian by Nicole, come on down and get your grill wok! And a laurel, and hearty handshake to Claudia for Moon Over Miami.

Thanks to everyone for your entries. Send me your contacts and I’ll get your grill wok to you. We will soon resume our normal programming schedule.

Create-a-name, win a grill wok!

When I was little, my mom occasionally made this bread-and-egg breakfast for a special I-love-you treat. The butter and eggs were rich and filling, and the bread was crisp and toasty. Simple and comforting. It was also the first cooked dish I ever made.

    Problem is, now that I want to make it for my own precious Sweet Cheeks, I don’t know what to call it. I’ve heard plenty of names: Funny Eggs, Egg-in-a-Frame, Popeye Eggs. I bet your family had one.

And that’s what this contest is about: submit your best name for this dish and win a grill wok from my supply (scroll down to see a few of them in the sink).

    Be creative! Good luck, and tell a friend!


ReName the Lame Name Dessert Game has a winner!

In the contest to rename Chocolate Nut Berry Pie/Pinch Pie, you are all winners. Thank you for your thoughtful thoughts. It was so hard to decide. But the winning name came out of left field, from someone who doesn’t even read the blog. The winner: Meringue Berry Cloud. I like that it captures the whimsy of the dessert, gives some idea of what’s in it, but doesn’t read like an ingredient list

If it hadn’t been for the ringer, two titles were competing for the prize: Friendship Chocolate Strawberry Dream, and Meredith’s Chocolate Meringue with Fresh Berry Cream. Each gets a cookbook that I edited (so if there are errors, don’t tell me).

Par 3 Tea Time at the Masters is a great book for casual entertaining. Click
here for a description. And Neighbor to Neighbor is a collection of Tennessee recipes from the Tennessee Co-op, whose members have forgotten more about food than I’ll ever know. 

Both are terrific cookbooks that are fun to read, raise money for great causes, and both of them are full of recipes that are already indispensable in my kitchen. Here’s a link to the FRP cookbook marketplace.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a name. Come back again in the fall for another contest, and maybe win a grater.

The Best Second-Place Finish Ever

I was recently the runner up in a blogging competition here. I entered an essay contest aimed at picking a blogger to attend the International Housewares Show. I really wanted to go, so I wrote about my filthy secret: I have a lot of crappy kitchen gear. Considering what I do for a living, it’s shameful that I own a 1989 grocery store can opener and some Guardianware aluminum pots that my granny bought from a divorcing couple in 1942. I wrote about how I marched right out and purchased a Wusthof Trident vegetable peeler about 11 years ago, and it changed my life. I should attend the housewares show, I wrote, because I can totally channel the power and excitement of awesome kitchen gear.

Never mind that I couldn’t actually attend the housewares show, since I would be in New Orleans. I never win anything, so I figured it was harmless enough to enter.

They called a few days after I submitted. I missed the call, so I was really nervous by the time we connected. I spent a lot of psychic energy thinking of how I would say, “Thanks for choosing me! I can’t go to Chicago.”

When I finally connected with the pubescent-voiced customer service manager, the news was sosososo good. I didn’t win the blogging trip, but they liked my writing, and they felt bad about my kitchen tools, so even though it wasn’t part of the original rules, they wanted to give me a big ole gift certificate to spend on their site! Is that the nicest thing? Aren’t they the bestest cooking gear website people ever? I want All-Clad measuring cups, a silpat muffin tin, a thermal Pyrex dish carrier. So, what should I get?  What would you get?