Uh, Well, Honey, Publix Was Out of DVD Players

More fun with found shopping lists. I don’t see the point of numbering the list, unless you are gathering ammo for an argument. “I ran 15 errands today — and just how many did YOU run?” Or maybe it’s a compulsive person and the numbering somehow anchors the task in reality.

First things first: it’s the last sheet of paper on the house, so “new notebook.” Next item, which seems to be “coretta dot,” was procured triumphantly, and crossed off with a flourish. So was “trash can for kitchen.”

Then the list turns to resolute efficiency: Pledge – check. Kitchen cleaner – check. Light bulbs – check. Tie rack – check.

Hmm. New apartment?

Now which aisle has the “charger for hats”? Ah, yes. Toilet paper. Paper towels. Tra…

Dammit, I almost forgot the “chromium tail.” Need to get that before I forget — I’ll come back to this aisle for trash bags. It’s more important to have the “chromium tail. ” I’m sure ours will turn up eventually, when we unpack all the boxes. But I can’t really wait until then, so we’ll just have to get another.

Great, now just one thing left — a junk organizer. Done and off to the checkout. Seems like there was something I forgot. I can’t be bothered to go back for anything. I’m just ready to be home, listening to a little music, organizing the silverware and cleaning up the trash.